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HEALTHY NAILS AND LASTING COLOR. My name is Kathy Watson and as a natural nail care expert, I can answer any question as it pertains to nail care treatments. I can discuss all aspects of natural nail care including but not limited to nail disorders, nail diseases, infection control, manicuring, pedicuring and product awareness. I have worked with a podiatrist and have an extensive knowledge of nail disorders addressed by a podiatrist however I am not a medical physician nor podiatrist and am not qualified to give medical advice or make medical diagnoses.

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I am the owner of :cure nail clinic and have provided nail care to a number of industries including medical and hospitality.


Completed Training, Bellus Academy, El Cajon California Certified in Gel Polish Applications Certification in Elderly & Diabetic Nail Care Created Katherine Watson Soak-Free Nail Care System

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Recent Answers from Kathy Watson

2014-11-26 nail discoloration:

Hello Tracy,    Sorry it took me so long to respond to your concern.    I took a look at your pictures.  Well, here is the good news. I don't believe it is a fungus.  I can see that as your nails are growing

2014-09-04 Thumbnail:

Hi Kenneth,    Sounds like you've had some trauma to your thumbnail.  As you nail grows, it has the stability of your nail bed but once it grows into the the white part of your nail (we like to call it

2014-08-22 Skin peeling after application.:

Hi Tess,    I apologize for my late response.  I'm in the middle of moving, lol.      Well, it sounds like you had an allergic reaction to something.  I would recommend two things:    Consult a dermatologist

2014-07-18 Nails were stained - anything I can do?:

Hi,    Well, honestly, you have all of your bases covered. The lemon treatment is what I would recommend but try applying it know to the stained part of the nail with a q-tip or something. You van also

2014-02-11 Nail discoloration:

Hey Priscilla,    I'm so sorry to hear that happened. I also understand your frustration. Well, the good news is that your nails will continue to grow and te discoloration will no longer be an issue. It


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