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My name is Sylvia de Rijke and I have a Nail Art Academy and Training Centre in Bangkok. We are the exclusive distributor of EzFlow, IBD, Super Nail, ESN, Seche, China Glaze, Lash be Long and Clean+Easy in Thailand and other countries in SE Asia.

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Acrylic nails, gel nails, waxing, manicure, pedicure


Dasy Design International Co.Ltd.


Global Master Educator for EzFlow Nailsystems and Elite Master Educator for IBD Gel

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Recent Answers from Sylvia de Rijke

2016-12-23 Pedicure Polish Issue:

Hi Katie,    I would not worry about bothering her my answer is simple: never polish over your cuticles. If it would be called cuticle polish yes but it is clearly stated on the bottle: Nail Polish" It

2014-07-26 Looking for trained nail technicians:

Dear Jayden,    At the moment we have no one available but we will inform with our students.    Have a nice day and talk soon.    Yours Sincerely,     David de Rijke     Dasy Design International Co. Ltd

2014-04-28 nail technician needed:

Hi Lara,    At this moment we have none available but if we have an opportunity we will contact you.    Have a nice day.        Yours Sincerely,    David de Rijke    Dasy Design International Co. Ltd.

2014-01-06 nail art hobbyist:

Hi KJ,    It's not the polish (although thinned polish might be a reason) but what you need is a striper brush. for example this one

2013-04-03 Nail Technician:

Dear Shi,    At this moment we will have no trainer available for this amount of time.    Please send us your ad in detail how you wish us to use it on our website and SEO so we can post it.    All the


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