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Joanna Panagiotidi


I can answer in all kind of questions concerning Nail both natural and artificial process, Make up, Epilation & Depilation, working at home or in a salon, business behavior

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I am working as a Make up & Nail Artist for the past 5 years. I also have a team constituted of 7 main members (hairdressers, make up artists, masseurs etc) and plenty of others accordingly to the project.


Beauty Congress


Manicure & Pedicure private teaching school (Greece), seminars on artificial nails (silc, acrylic, dual, gel), Make up lessons by Nabile Sebale, depilation & epilation process

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BDF (Greece)

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2014-02-21 painful nail beds:

Ouch... I don't even want to imagine the pain and what you are going through dear... Use either olive oil or almond tree or any cream with vitamin A. Do not soak as this will make your nails flake and

2012-04-17 garlic as a nail hardener:

Dear Yolanda,    The best thing is to  rub some fresh garlic on your nail bed every two-three days. Dried garlic is ineffective and mixed with clear nail polish can become toxic (where on earth these people

2011-08-06 what did i get on my nails ?:

Kat'arxin, as milisoume ellinika!!!   I esto greeklish! Loipon.... Tha psakso to sygkekrimeno salon na do ti xrisimopoiei. Den exo akousei kanena tetoio yliko - oute kapoios allos pou rotisa synadelfous

2011-07-14 what did i get on my nails ?:    it could be many things or even a product I never heard before....  but DO NOT confuse a pregnancy period of nails....!!!  It's a whole new different state....    Do you remember the name

2011-01-28 curing gel sealer /gel topcoat:

............  wow!!!  That is actually a whole "gel manicure at home class"!!!  Just joking!   So...  First of all I need to know the brand that you use.   I need you to tell me the whole procedure that


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