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I can answer questions regarding the Jewish religion, its beliefs, practices, holidays, food, culture, and people.

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I was raised in an Orthodox Jewish home.


I hold a Bachelor of fine Arts degree, and though that has nothing to do with my expertise on this subject, it's a required field to fill in.

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2016-04-24 oatmeal:

Hi Jennifer,    It depends on you are  whether you are Ashkenazic or Sephardic.  I believe Sphardic Jews may be allowed to eat oatmeal during Passover, but you should check on that.    Although oats is

2015-01-19 Magel Jewish Stuffing:

 Hi Giuliana,    Like any stuffing recipe, this recipe open to whatever additions or changes you'd prefer (such as garlic, carrot, parsley herbs, etc.), depending on your own personal tastes.     1 cup

2015-01-19 Jewish Stuffing:

 Hello again Giuliana,    To the best of my knowledge, the name for stuffed neck in the USA is called HELZEL,  and in England it's called MAGEL. I think Magel and Mengala might be the same thing, but

2015-01-19 Magel Jewish Stuffing:

 Hi Giuliana,    Margarine or any of the vegetable oil can definitely be used as a substitute for Schmaltz, but some say that clarified butter works as a good substitute too.     Here is a recipe for

2015-01-03 Kosher food/raw foodism:

 Hi Geoff,    It's not the eating of raw meat that's prohibited in the Kosher laws, it's consuming blood that's prohibited. Assuming an animal was killed in a kosher way and drained of blood properly


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