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2015-06-29 Basketball carry (foul) question:

What you described is not a travel, as described.  What you don't mention is what your feet were doing.  You may have traveled with a combination of cradling the ball and too many steps.  I have no way

2013-10-26 protect the knuckles:

You didn't say if you sprained or jammed your little finger, that's OK though.  You'll probably play piano and basketball for the rest of your life, there's really no reason to halt either.    Basketball's

2012-10-25 What do I do?:

A common problem of many athletes for different reasons.  Instead of attempting to isolate your specific reason/s let's concentrate on a solution.  Your coach has a philosophy; as his/her player it's your

2012-08-23 Defensive Tactics:

Assume I know nothing at all about your team.  Tell me about your team.  How can I suggest anything unless I have a scouting report about your team?  I don't even know if they are male or female.  If you've

2012-08-18 What should I do?? please help sir.:

Sorry about the comment below:  (I'm actually having a difficult time believing this is legit.)    Google free exercise routines.  Find one you like and stick to it. Run, jump rope too.  Google free dribbling


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