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My expertise is in the craft of Officiating Basketball and I can answer questions pertaining to basketball rules; youth level through CIF High School, NCAA college and NBA rules as well. I can either help define a specific rule for you, or interpret a specific rule to clarify how other officials and I view and call the game.

Experience in the area

I have been a Basketball Official now for over 19 years, officiating at all levels. I have attended numerous training camps throughout the years in an attempt to constantly become a better official. I have been evaluated by top Officiating organizations and Assignors, and I've had the fortunate experience to officiate former Division 1 and NBA players.


NASO (National Association of Sports Officials) CBOA (California Basketball Officials Association)


El Sorrino Officials Association Accreditation CIF Certified(California Interscholastic Federation)

Past/Present Clients

Los Angeles City Parks and Recreation, Calabasas Basketball League, Calabasas Semi-Pro Men's League, AYBA, California Interscholatic Federation, ARC League , Gary Grant Youth Basketball Program

What do you like about this subject?

Everything!! I love basketball. I focused on Basketball because it's the most challenging sport to officiate due to it's fast pace. Basketball is such a high energy sport that it requires you to keep in shape, and challenges you to make split second decisions. In short, it's a 32 minute adrenaline rush that can only be experienced on the court.

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

Officiating is on ongoing learning experience and I always strive to become a better official through rules knowledge, evaluations by my peers, and off-season training camps. My goal is to call every game better than the previous one. Each game I complete, I take 1 or 2 plays and decide how I could have called it better or differently. It's an ongoing self-evaluation that never ends.

Something interesting about this subject that others may not know:

If you are interested in becoming an Official and love the game of basketball,I encourage you to explore it and I promise you it is something you will want to do as long as you are able to run up and down the court. Basketball is probably the toughest sport to officiate because of it's fast pace, and to be considered a great official by your peers is a definite honor.

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2017-01-14 NCAA CBB 3 Second Violation:

David,    the 3 second count starts when     #1 the ball is in the front court  #2 when 1 or both feet are in the lane.     Now there are many other factors that come into play when an official decides

2016-04-11 Basketball:

Devin,    If you mean passing to yourself no you cannot do that, that would be an illegal dribble. However, High School rules permit a player to catch their own airball as long as it's a legitimate shot

2015-03-26 Are these legal moves?:

Mike,    In scenario 1, that is a violation. The ball cannot pass through the net from underneath. The official should blow his/her whistle, call a violation and then award the ball to the opposing team

2015-02-22 Dribbling between an opponent's legs question:

Sam,    There is nothing illegal about bouncing a ball in between the defender's legs. It can't be carrying the ball because the ball handler no longer has possession.     As far as contact being made

2015-01-08 backcourt violation ???:

KW,    This is a back-court violation. Every player on the court has some kind of "status" Your either front court status, back court status, in bounds, out of bounds etc. your status is determined where


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