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Ask us anything about Stockholm. "Which is the hottest club at the moment?", "Which museums can you recommend for a history teacher?", "Where can we find the best second hand shopping?"... We know and will let you know. Answers within 24 hours guaranteed.

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2013-09-23 Travel in Stockholm:

Hello,    Thank you for your enquiry, nice that you will stay in Stockholm. For a 2 days visit, a central location is convenient, for instance Old Town. Stockholm is not huge and offers good local transportation

2012-05-19 travel with children:

Hi,    Thank you for your enquiry. Stockholm is a child-friendly city.  Here are some tips on what to do:   Skansen and Junibacken are very

2011-05-24 transport:

Hi Paul,    There are different locations for cruise ships docking Stockholm: harbours STADSGÅRDEN, VÄRTAHAMNEN and FRIHAMNEN (or NYNÄSHAMN outside of Stockholm), so it depends on which ship you are travelling

2011-03-13 1 vehicle for 10 people including driver:

Hi Jenny,    Thank you for your question. Please contact us on with some more info (dates, do you need a guide as well, tour etc) and we will help out.    Best regards,  ---  c/o Stockholm

2010-12-20 online gifts for 25 year-olds:

Hi Bebe,    See for example    Sandqvist - typical, clean Swedish accessories, clothes and more.      ---  Best regards,    c/o Stockholm [care of stockholm]


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