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I can answer pretty much any question regarding Italian grammar,orthography,semantics...Italian is not my native language,but I have a bachelor degree in Italian language and literature.

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I worked as a free-lance translator and interpreter and a private tutor for over 5 years.


I graduated from University of Belgarde,Serbia, in Italian language and literature.I also took a one-year training for translators and court interpretors in Italian and a one-month course of Italian in Florence.

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2016-05-20 Italian Homework Help:

Ciao, Diana!    I can't really do the homework for you :), but I will try to explain this to you as simply as I can.    I pronomi doppi  combine indirect and direct object.    I believe you had already

2016-01-10 Potervisi:

Hello, JS!    It's an archaic form, that is also used in legal documents. This -vi-has the same meaning as ci=here, there, so the translation of the sentence would be "The sisters had mirror so they can

2015-02-03 Grammar possession:

Hello,Louise!    Sorry for late reply!    The article is omitted even with members of extended family,as well as cognato/a (brother/sister-in-law), nuora (daughter-in-law), suocero/a (father/mother-in-law)

2014-04-03 verb auxiliary:

Dear Janet!    As far as I know,auxiliary verb can be omitted if two or more verbs in the sentence have the same auxiliary verb,like in  your 2. example.    I've never heard of the last example,though

2013-11-02 sto:

Dear Michael,    These are, actually, forms of the verb STARE (to be, to stay, remain, stand, be situated, live...)    "Sto" is the form of the First Person Singular of the Present Tense, "stai" is of


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