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Francesco Marchesani

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returns 05/05/2017

I`m interested and have deep knowledge in Italian history, traditions and culture. I can answer your questions on my country`s language and literature, as well as Latin language and literature.

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I live in Pavia (northern Italy, near Milan) and have strong interests in my country's history.

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2015-09-15 "Al Di":

Ciao,  there are some expressions that employ the form "di + adverb", mostly related to positions:  - di la' = over there  - di qua = over here  - di dietro = behind  - d'avanti = in the front  - di sopra

2014-11-08 Italian translation:

Hello,  here you are, it's not too a long message, don't worry!    The DVDs have arrived with me they are superb! The quality is fantastic. Thank you so much!  The DVDs were a gift for a friend, and

2014-10-23 Italian translation:

Hi,  you don't bother at all, don't worry about that! I'm glad to be able to help you.    1. "I will be able to pay you in the next few days!" = "posso pagare fra qualche giorno"    2. "I have paid you

2014-09-20 What is the word, and what does it mean?:

Hello again,  Malocchio is always pronounced as "malokyo", with an hard sound.  The letter K is not part of the Italian alphabet, so the sounds it represents is instead written C or CH, depending on the

2014-09-16 What is the word, and what does it mean?:

Hello,  what you heard was "malocchio", which translates as "evil eye" (from male=bad and occhio=eye). It means exactly what you stated: a curse supposedly cast by somebody's malevolent glare.  Its a very


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