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I can answer questions on Italian language, music and home cooking.

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The first thing you learn about a language, when you try to talk with some of your new foreign friend, are swearwords... For sure not only swearwords but, if you have some problems, I?m here for you. Ciao

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2015-01-16 The correct pronounciation of the word "fianchetto":

ciao     try the following.    hope this will help.    Magu    "F" is pronounced like in "fair".  i: like y in "yoga".  a: like the a in "father".  "N" is usually pronounced like in "navy".  "ch" like

2015-01-13 Proper expression:

Ciao David,    I hope to better understand your question... very beautiful indeed =)    normally, related to food, you can ear something like " cucinato col cuore" that is "is cooked with the hart" that

2014-11-01 English to Italian for my project:

Ciao Hitesh    while I'll give you the translation I have to remeber you that, also in Italian, some words remain in English.    1) Bello, Semplice e veloce convertitore di Unit͊2) Personalizzazione

2014-07-06 Egli:

Ciao Egli is very similar to Lui. They can be used in the same way. If you are speaking about a person close to yo (or familiar) you can use Lui   If you are speaking about a person far from you (or yo

2013-05-05 name:

Ciao!    Casa della is correct but not finished. This means that is something House Of...    In Italy, basically, this kind of names are use as "casa della PASTA" or Casa della "a dish name"...    In Italy


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