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I am working as a translator from English, Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese and Catalan to German. I might help you with translation questions.

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I have an experience of 21 years as a translator.


I have a training for translation skills (French and English to German).

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Recent Answers from Kurt Bamert

2014-11-09 Knowing the English equivalent of a German word:

Hello  As you say the Duden give as a second meaning the following:  (umgangssprachlich) gutmütig-einfältiger Mensch (auch als Schimpfwort)  (colloquially) docile, good-natured, sweet-natured, sweet-tempered

2014-08-19 German job adverts:

Hello Geoff    I found one puting in google Informatiker Lehrberuf in Bern, Switzerland


I had seven classes at school yesterday and this was very tiring.   Gestern hatte ich sieben Schulstunden. Sie ermüdeten mich sehr.  Gestern habe ich sieben Schulstunden gehabt. Sie haben mich sehr ermüdet

2013-04-07 pier - text:

Hello    "The bridge does have the advantage that there is no possible silting as there would be around (in front of) stone pillars (arches) because the waves force quickly through (are crossing impetuously

2013-02-04 Schweben:

Hello  I think it means to have "a feeling of great happiness or well-being" by the influence of alcohol, probably drinking expensive Champagne and feeling other pleasures by the influence of some women


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