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Cornelia Neumann


I can answer questions regarding grammar and style, as well as many questions about German culture, history, and literature.

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I am native speaker with a German degree in Teaching English as a Foreign Language and German. I lived and worked in the USA for seven years (taught high school and all college levels) and spent three years as a high school teacher of German and EFL at an international school in Mexico. In 2006 I returned to Germany, where I am currently working as a teacher in Hamburg.


M.A., M.Ed., ABD, etc. etc.

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As is a volunteer site I've opted not to get rated - don't let that put you off though. :-)

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2016-09-09 mediaeval German:

Hello Bob,    I wish I could help! Letters in the old writing style are not easy to identify and the language itself has changed, so could you maybe take pictures of the tapestry, specifically of the words

2015-11-19 German Naming Customs:

Hello Bella,    it's definitely possible to have a hyphenated first name followed by a second first name. Whether it is common is hard to say - I looked around a bit but couldn't find any statistics on

2014-04-24 Child's bedtime prayer:

Hello Brenda,    how nice to get a question from NJ! I got my M.A. from Rutgers. :-)    The prayer goes like this:    Jesukindlein, komm zu mir,   mach ein frommes Kind aus mir.   Mein Herz ist klein,

2014-03-29 cry/weep:

Hi Hank,    "weinen" would be the most common, most neutral word for "to cry". "Heulen" would be somewhat derogatory, "flennen" even more so.   "Und Jesus gingen die Augen über" is rather old-fashioned

2014-01-06 Middle names in Germany:

Hi Bella,    your Russian friend was right - the concept of a "middle" name doesn't really exist in Germany.  However, we have first/given names and last/family names.     Traditionally people had two


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