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I can answer most questions on repairs,upgrades,dos,audio,video,on older systems,and modern computers,How to find and intsall files and programs including sound,midi,and wave advice on older windows systems such as 3.1 and how to debug them.please give as much information on system as possible and type of trouble.

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formal education in electronics and engineering,computers,sound engineer,broadcast engineer.

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2013-06-08 DOS error message:

Maybe it does have some sort of rechargeable battery however when I booted it 18 months ago it hadn't been started in 5 years at least and it started up immediately. WHO KNOWS?  I knew. It does have a

2013-06-08 DOS error message:

I suspect its a bios thing maybe the battery. It most likely lost its charge.  Those were the old type that were rechargeable. the PC would have to left plugged in  for some time to recharge.Try getting

2013-03-14 Installation of Bios:

No display may not be caused by the bios. It cam be a   bad graphics card or bad CPU or worse maybe a bad system board  further more you can not install Bios since that is on chips  on the system board

2013-03-03 New DOS PC?:

You would need a small about 2 gig HD or less because a larger one would need to be partitioned many times. A 486 cpu  single core graphics can be as low as 8 gig would suit your purpose I don’t recommend

2012-05-15 convert DOS program:

Peter, since I am not familiar with the program and if I can read the disk at all  On XP even with the source code on it I could not guarantee results but would be willing to try. I cant do it for nothing


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