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I started working with computers from the DOS-age. I have a fair knowledge of DOS based operations, including accessing other computers and shared peripherals using DOS. Can also help with DBase III+, Lotus 123 and QPro

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ashok11/02/06101010Thanks Amal,
Gary03/30/04101010Hello. I am using this box as .....
Phil Lange11/03/03101010To get my Lotus123 for DOS to .....
John R. Claflin02/07/031010In my opinion as a beginner learning .....
garyw12/17/02101010genius!! thanks so much, you are the .....

Recent Answers from Amal

2013-01-10 Unusual Problem:

Hi Narendra,    I do not understand when you say "i am unable to get the reports processed by the app. on display mode". Are you trying to take a screen shot of the report ?. How do you capture the report

2011-02-03 using scanner with only ms-dos program:

Hi Daniel,    There should a program like install.exe or install.bat or setup.exe in the floppy disk or CD  which was supplied with the scanner. You would need to run any of these programs to install the

2006-11-02 scheduling program using Dos:

Hi,    These are the points that you could check on this problem.  1. Do you have a folder called temp in your c:\ ? If so rename your batch file to temp1.bat and check if your scheduled task runs now

2003-10-31 DOS Applications (Lotus) on Windows XP machine:

Hi,      One SUGGESTION. In your c:\ (root directory) edit the config.sys and add the following entries. (create one if it is not available already)   Make sure himem.sys and emm386.exe are available in

2003-02-06 DOS Wwbsite:

Hi John,       Most of Dos can be learnt at the command prompt itself.  For example if u want to learn the copy command just type in copy /? at the c:\> prompt.  I am not aware about any website that can


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