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I will answer any c language programming and syntax questions.

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I have almost a decade of c programming experience.


I have a bachelor of science degree and several years of industry experience.

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Recent Answers from Tony Nazzal

2015-04-28 its a matrix display:

Hi Kuridi,    The problem is you are accessing out of bounds array indexes. "mat" is a 6x3 character array. The maximum indexes are 5 and 2. Your loops go from 0 to 6, and 0 to 3, which are outside the

2015-03-10 Using pointer in C:

Hi Ben,    uint8_t is an unsigned eight bit type. The array variable in the code snippet you posted is a pointer to a uint8_t type. uint8_t and char are similar because they are both one byte in size.

2015-01-20 C programming free function:

Hi Archit,    The free function expects a pointer to allocated memory. You might not be passing the correct type to free.      <code>  void free(void *ptr);      The free() function frees the memory space

2015-01-08 Pointers in C:

Hi Erin,    "int *p" is a pointer to an integer. "&x" is the address of "int x". "*p" dereferences the pointer. I hope the following example code helps you understand how this works.         <code>  //example

2014-12-22 c language:

You are passing the wrong type to printf. The code you have written will cause the following issue:    format ‘%d’ expects argument of type ‘int’, but argument 2 has type ‘int *’    Please


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