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Kaustav Neogy

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returns 12/31/2017

i can answer queries related to general programming constructs in C.

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i have been programming in c since 1998.

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Trevor McCook08/07/06101010Very prompt and well researched answer to .....
Arvind12/22/051010Thank you very much Kaustav. -Arvind
binu09/29/04101010Two thumbs up!
bas09/26/04101010Two thumbs up!

Recent Answers from Kaustav Neogy

2015-01-04 looping:

Hi Andrew,    I don't have an IDE handy, but you could try something like this -    int main ()  {  string username;  string password;  bool status = false;    while (!status)  {   cout << "Please enter

2008-05-05 about this code pls:

Like this -     #include<stdio.h>  #include<conio.h>    #define N   6    int main()  {    int x[] = {30, 12, 51, 17, 45, 62,};    int i ;    int sum = 0;        for(i=0; i<N;i++)    {          if(i%2==0)

2004-09-29 follow up to string manipulation:

Hi Katrina,    the variable "inputstr" contains the original string without the "*" character. We are creating a new string variable "outputstr" to store the manipulated value of the variable "inputstr"

2004-09-28 string manipulation:

Hi Katrina,    should be something like this -      char inputstr[30], outputstr[60];  int len=0,i=0,j=0,k=0;    printf("Enter a string: \n");  scanf("%s",&inputstr);  len = strlen(inputstr);  j=0;  k=0


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