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Turbo Pascal and Delphi developer since 1986. Strengths - UI, Windows API, Database, SQL, Internet, Threading, NT Services.

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Turbo Pascal and Delphi developer since 1986.


Delphi 5 Certification, Borland

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2005 Indiana IT/Software Million Dollar Award, Key Technical Contributor

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Michael08/27/13101010This works Fine. Thanks a lot Michael
Tomislav 06/20/13101010Thank you very much!
Michael05/21/13101010Yes Randy, It must have been a .....
Michael05/16/13101010Excellent Randy I thought it must be .....
Michael05/07/13101010Randy, Much thanks. I've tried the code .....

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2015-09-13 Learnin g Programmin g Languag e:

I've been a big fan of Pascal for nearly 30 years.  It's much less complex than C/C++/C#/Java, easier to understand than Basic, but compiles applications as powerful as any language.  You can use Delphi

2014-03-22 Sending email through Delphi code:

Gmail requires SSL and using the stock components can certainly be tricky.  I personally use Clever Internet Suite which handles the SSL internally.  Using the stock Indy 10 components, I have been able

2013-08-25 Shellexecute:

Michael,    The issue is you can't call a 64 bit app from a 32 bit app.  Here is a work-around:    function Wow64EnableWow64FsRedirection(Wow64FsEnableRedirection: BOOL): BOOL; stdcall;    implementation

2013-06-20 Adding data to StringGrid and deleting by button click:

Try this example and see if it answers the question:    unit Unit2;    interface    uses    Windows, Messages, SysUtils, Variants, Classes, Graphics, Controls, Forms,    Dialogs, Grids, StdCtrls;    type

2013-06-05 Delphi index search:

It probably has more to do with either the field data type or the database than Delphi.  I remember having a similar problem with an early version of either MySQL or Interbase (Firebird) with character


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