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Basic information on world religions. Detailed answers on sacred time for world religions. I know community interfaith dynamics having worked in this area for many years.

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Mall Area Religious Council providing Interfaith experience at Mall of America in Bloomington, MN for 15 years. Over 40 years of relating with various world religions on the community level. Write of Portable Guide to World Religions.


Work Place Ministries , Bloomington, MN Minnesota Conference of the United Methodist Church


Hamline University, St. Paul, MN Drew University School of Theology, Madison, NJ

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Mall of America

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2011-11-16 more info please:

Dear Heart:  You must help me understand what you mean by "evidence from the Bible". Is this evidence such as in a court of law?  Or do you ask for an opinion based on experience with the Bible?  My experience

2011-11-16 more info please:

Dear Inquirer:  The Triune God (Father, Jesus, and Holy Spirit) is fully present when any title is stated. In other words to speak of Jesus is to speak as well of Father and Holy Spirit.   Pastor

2011-07-11 Comparative Religion:

Lalchhuanawma:   Comparative Religion is, for me, a field of study that opens up the history, teaching and practices of world religions with the intention of looking at them in comparison to one another

2011-07-10 how this?:

Tarek:  I have been away and so could not respond to you until now.  The issue is over what you mean by the word "one" in the quotation you give. "One" is interpreted in many ways since it is both a number

2011-07-08 simple answer please:

Jon:  1. I am a Christian.  2. I believe Jesus is a human expression of God. "Blessed be the name and person of Jesus Christ, Creator God come among us humans to enable us to deal with evil and rise to


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