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graduate work in new testament, knowledge of hebrew, greek, latin; interest in buddhism, also cross-cultural communications. not high pressure. but not agnostic either.

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derek02/20/14101010thank you very helpful!
Pja02/26/13101010Thank you for your time and effort .....
Switchfootgirl07/30/11101010Thank you so much!

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2016-08-24 A Confusing Religious Symbol:

Thank you for updating me!  I like alphabets, and have had a copy of "Scripts in and around India" for many years--our family lived in Calcutta in the fifties.  More recently I worked with the Ethiopic

2016-08-20 A Confusing Religious Symbol:

I'm sorry to say I don't recognize this symbol.  Try sending it to the department of religion at a university--Berkeley, Harvard, or another. It could be posted on a bulletin board and seen by people who

2014-08-21 Interfaith interaction - John Mason:

The list of relationships seems to conflate different kinds of relationship between people. Is the topic personal, social, private, public, business relationships?  It is not always relevant what another

2014-03-17 Special Divine Action - John Mason:

I am an ordained member of a Presbyterian, or Reformed, church, and a graduate of seminary and graduate school as well. Still I have no authority to speak for a group. I accept (1), that scientific laws

2013-02-25 Draft abstract for paper - comment:

Some basic statements of the Christian faith do not contain second person statements. The creeds of the church, such as the Apostles' Creed, and others, and even the 39 Articles of the Church of England


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