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Is there a God? What is religion? What is evil? What is Good? What is Sin? Who wrote the Bible? Is there a heaven? Is there a Hell? Why do we exist? What is Spirituality? What is Love?

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I have studied Comparative Religions for 25 years. I have been a formal student of Adi Da Samraj. My current area of study are the complete aspects of the Devotee/Guru relationship.

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2014-04-17 Philosophical arguments for God's existence:

Dear Jamie,    I apologize for getting back to you so late in the game, for some reason I did not get the notice of your question.  Of course your inquires are almost “scholastic” in their breadth and

2014-02-15 Closest to truth:

Interesting question.    Individuals ask, what is the True Scripture?  Why are there so many differing religions, can they all be right? Is the Bible the True word of God? Is Mohammed God’s True Prophet?

2013-06-06 Can you help me identify symbol?:

Dear Connie,     Sorry this is not part of any existing Religious Methodology or Spiritual Group that I am aware of.     To be honest I believe this is a representation of the City Of Toledo Spain, instead

2012-03-23 bible question....:

Dear Karina,    Interesting Questions.     This is not a "Question" about any one issue specific to Islam, Christianity, The Second Testament, or History, though it does touch on all four.    Instead it

2011-12-07 help sire:

Dear Micheal,    This sounds like a scolastic question, and AllExperts by policy does NOT answer questions you should be researchihg yourself ( smile ).    And assuming you have a genuine interest in this


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