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I`m willing to attempt to explain the religious experience on the basis of flawed perceptions and misinformation.

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Catonya11/28/07I don't even know why you have .....

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2011-05-15 Ref: question:

Perhaps "spirituality" and "madness" are the same--at least similar in their production. What appears to make homo sapiens different and successful over prior examples (e.g., homo erectus, Neanderthals)

2011-01-03 about religion:

"Sacred" books. developed from any culture, are only opinions formed from inaccurate and incomplete data, all revised from the original statements. They are predicated upon what the various compositors

2009-07-04 Religions and scientific worldview:

[In your opinion are there any benefits to be had, such as greater respect, understanding, cooperation, by Abrahamic religions looking at scientific worldview from Indic religions’ perspective, and likewise

2008-06-26 Research review request--religion and science based:

Noted. Your presentation is too "colorful," and difficult to read. I suggest the text be modified for straightforward presentation, with links provided as footnotes instead of in the body.  It is much

2007-11-28 move of God:

No "God/s" exist, thus there are no "... moves of God."  Gods concepts are developments of human speculation in an effort to understand and balance Nature, the essentials of which are Conflict and Chance


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