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I can answer questions regarding the Bible. I believe scripture to be the final Word on matters of life and does not conflict, but man`s interpretation and application is the source of conflict and disagreement. I believe G~d still speaks today.

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Felix04/05/061010thank you

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2011-11-29 true please:

Dear Jack,  It is believed that at least one account of the Gospel was written in Hebrew, the account by Matthew; and of course, the book of Hebrews.  Some of the New Testament is believed to have been

2009-02-08 Bible Question:

Dear Thomas,  The only monetary guidelines in Scripture that I am aware of are, of course, tithing.   In Torah, there are some monetary references to the purchasing of slaves, or debt redemption.  I do

2008-10-25 holy spirit:

Dear Ben,   This question contains several questions, so I think I will begin with the last one and work my way up your post.  First we are not the judge.  A person that has recognized Messiah and received

2007-11-10 Christmas:

Dear Catonya,  I cannot find one single Scripture that commands anyone to celebrate Christmas.  Actually, it was more of a Roman holiday that sort of got mixed into Catholicism, I think in the 3rd Century

2007-11-01 Final revelation .....????:

Hello Aziz,  I am well aware that we are descended from brothers, and both religions do in fact have Abraham as father.  I realize your recent prophet has now connected the history for your religion, but


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