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All aspects of residential Roofing. This includes shingles and flat (low slope) roofs. I have knowledge in the installation as well as the design of roofs from an engineering standpoint.

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I have been doing roofing for 40 years. This was my father's business and I took it over in 1980.


I have written responses to artcles that I felt needed a response to and those responses have been published in roofing trade magazines.


BSEE Drexel University

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ruth dickey01/27/16101010tha for your time, ive gotten several .....
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2016-08-18 Celotex roofing shingles:

Hail damage is a common scam since it gets the roofer a full roof and the if he works with the owner to get the roof free from the insurance company he's guaranteed the roof. But you probably do not have

2016-08-16 Flatroof:

If you have mold on the ceiling then you have a leak. A leak can be something as simple as a nail hole that you can fix for $1 worth of materials or it could be a completely rotted roof and it finally

2016-05-04 roofing estimate eval:

There's a lot here. One major thing to remember. You can have the greatest list of things they are going to do but if they are not done right you're in trouble. Most all leaks are due to poor workmanship

2016-04-29 low sloped roof framing:

You could run the rafters from side to side but it would involve a lot more angles. If you wanted to turn the rafters around so they run from front to back you'd have to build another wall or run a main

2016-04-24 low sloped roof framing:

I don't know how you can have a roof 24' across that has no framing. I'd have to see pictures of what you have. I can't picture what you're describing to me.    Brad


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