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all questions relating to figure skating technique, equipment, nutrition, training, and performance

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bachelor of science, university of toronto

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bud02/13/14101010Thanks gary
Carol12/17/131010Gary, Thank you so very much for .....
Elaine04/19/13101010Thank you very much Gary. I remember .....
Skater02/20/1310Thanks for all of your help.

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2014-02-08 Stride Technique?:

Use reasoning and experiments to figure out the best way to get moving, Bud. We push sideways off the foot because that is where the grip is, and we glide lengthwise because there is little friction in

2014-01-12 Can you help?:

Hi Barry,  Thanks for your question. It is difficult to answer without more details. It definitely won't hurt to lose the weight, but that is a small-brainer! How is your breathing? Remind yourself to

2013-12-16 Blade sharpening and falling:

Hi Carol,  A blunt edge in need of sharpening does give less margin for error, and therefore will increase the frequency of falls. It is rarely the only reason for falling. It is more often faulty skating

2013-08-22 blades:

Hi Nancy,  As you suggest, changes affect consistency. However,we can adapt to change, and might want to set our sights into the future and make difficult modifications today.   Blade choice management

2013-05-15 Competition and Practice Skates:

I happen to have many pairs on the go myself, Emily, which is rare for figure skaters. If you do get two pairs of skates, make sure the blades are mounted identically. Stress this to whoever mounts the


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