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What I don't do: NO NAME TRANSLATIONS. For that, try http://www.stars21.com/translator/english_to_hebrew.html

What I do: I'll help you understand Hebrew phrases or single words, as well as answer questions about Jewish customs and practices.

You may also try the Gooogle English-Hebrew translator, at http://www.google.com/dictionary?langpair=en%7Ciw&q=&hl=en&aq=f

Experience in the area

I am a columnist for a Hebrew-language newspaper, and a graduate of the Jewish Theological Seminary.


D.Med MBA BA in the US, Grade school and high school in Israel

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2017-02-02 Tombstone inscriptions:

I, too, knew a person whose tombstone shows his mother's name. It was explained to me that he lost his parents in the Holocaust. His parents had placed him - a toddler - with a Christian family, where

2017-01-01 mishna:

Many of the laws in the book of Leviticus are very harsh: An adultereus wife shall be put to death, and so should homosexuals, rebellious sons and other sinners. One sect, the pharisees, saw a need for

2016-10-11 ancient scrolls:

James,    One tiny correction: It is the Torah (the first five books of the Hebrew Bible, the Tanakh) that has been written and used in scroll form by synagogues. The use of codexes in publishing is a

2016-08-06 Hebrew words root meaning:

Hi Harold,    ארץ is its own root, meaning earth, country, ground. Notice the similarity to Earth.    The root of רקיע is רקע, background, to

2016-07-25 Was vs. Became controversy:

Ron,    Early Biblical Hebrew grammar was structured somewhat differently from late grammar, and it is speculated that Gen 2 was written by a different source than Gen 1, and utilized a somewhat different


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