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I can answer questions concerning the care and grooming of cats.

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Shop owner with extensive clientele. Have been an all breed professional dog and cat groomer and instructor for over 20 years. Conducted seminars on cat grooming and care along with round table discussions. Have three cats of my own. Keeping in mind that I am not a vet, questions concerning medical or health issues will be answered drawing from my own experience with such things.

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Jane08/27/14101010That is alright, you helped me plenty .....
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mark03/05/10101010Thanks for the quick response.

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2015-12-31 cat pregnancy:

Hi!  My field of expertise has to do with just grooming.  I think it would be a good idea for you to check with your  vet or with another vet on this site.  I am so sorry I cannot be of any help, but best

2015-06-20 feral help:

Hi Stacey,  This is really out of my field of expertise.  I would suggest you call either the humane society for help with rounding up  the feral cats.  There are also rescue groups that deal solely with

2014-12-21 Cat has recently started to smell:

HI Alice,  Sorry to hear about your kitty's problem.  Because I suspect that, at her age, this will most likely be something medical, this  really goes out of my field of expertise.  I would take her to

2014-08-27 grooming a sick cat:

Hi Jane,  Thank you for using All Experts to help with your dilemma.  If merely trying to wipe off dirt, your kitty gets angry and uncomfortable, then I'm afraid I am stumped as  to how to effectively

2014-02-07 Kittys passionate expression of enjoyment:

Hello,  Thank you for contacting AllExperts for advice about your kitty.  Sometimes cats will react amorously when they are exposed to catnip.  Does the   green teddy have catnip in it?   They will also


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