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Pretty much anything on the hardware/technical side. Some experience with Operating system installation/upgrade. Client Access configuration and connection. I cannot answer questions about RPG and/or application programs.

Experience in the area

IBM Customer Engineer for 20 years, worked on AS400 from announcement until 'retired' in 1996. Have continued working on AS400/iSeries/i5 with an IBM Business Partner.


BS in Computers & Systems Engineering

Awards and Honors

IBM Certified Expert AS400 Design, Technical, Client Access, Windows Integration

What do you like about this subject?

I've always been a hardware 'monkey'. I enjoy working on these systems, upgrading them, and putting them together for the best performance and reliability.

Something interesting about this subject that others may not know:

The AS400/iSeries/i5/Power is one of IBM's best kept secrets. No other system can match it's versatility and reliability.

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Recent Answers from Pete Mayhew

2015-08-20 IBM V5R3M0 Restore Operating System:

Have you looked in the system error log to see if there are any other problems?    You copied the load source disk to another drive and it was successful?    If I understand your question, you were able

2010-07-22 Program Changes:

Manny;    When an object is created, the 'Creation date' and 'Change date' are both updated. In the case of a program that is recompiled, the old object is generally deleted first, so the Create and Change

2010-03-16 Connect to V5R1 IFS using Win 2008:

 I would 'think' so, however, I do not have either a Win2008 server or V5R1 system to test with.  The IFS structure and Netserver (the AS400 windows functionality) are pretty much the same between V5R1

2010-03-04 sys0055 on 9402-236:

Sorry, no.  The Advanced 36 (236) was a special model of the AS400, kind of a cross between the two. It has been at least 10 years since I've worked on one, and I don't have access to a machine anymore

2009-12-10 as400:

I don't know the current number-IBM doesn't publish that information. At one time, it was in excess of 750,000. It's probably down to under 500,000 now, but a lot of that is due to consolidation and partitioning


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