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Modern Indian philately and some earswhile States. I know, I don't know all but can get satisfactory answers to any field of Indian philately

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Paramasivan surendran08/16/15101010sir, Thanks for your reply
Mike10/07/14101010Thank you. I was hoping top portion .....
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2016-12-15 iprinting error:

Dear Senthil,  Glad to know that you feel that you have a stamp with some oddity. Could be. It can be ascertained only after its physical checking. If it is an oddity, just keep it to show it to some other

2016-05-14 Indonesian stamps:

Dear Anna,  Thanks for your question. As you correctly inferred that I am not good at Indonesia philately but just went thru' the Internet about the stamps you got. Don't know if you are aware of eBay

2015-10-28 need to know the value of my collections sir:

Dear Vijay,  You may write to me nagpalsofindia@gmail. But I will suggest that you consult some local philatelist who I am sure will give you seasonable suggestions. Or if you are in Chennai, SIPA, the

2015-10-28 need to know the value of my collections sir:

Dear Vijay,  Stamps shown in the picture hardly have any philatelic or market value. Such stamps are available in plenty in the market and with collectors. Hope you aren't dejected.....bkn

2015-01-24 Postage stamps shapes:

Dear Prashant ji,  I feel cone or cylinder are 3 dimensional, such stamp may be difficult to make  but surely this shape can be out of sheet of stamps. I remember Austria or Finland issued a triangular


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