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Questions relating to the law and private investigators, trying to collect a judgment, child support, asset investigation, corporate investigation, due diligence, finding missing persons. Closing a safe business deal. Fraud and Fraud Avoidance Issues. Trying to collect from people working for cash. The Corpa Group Inc. is a 17 year old agency. Kevin Bousquet has been in the private investigation business since he was 19. Now in his 40s Kevin runs one of the top agencies in North America.

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Civil, Criminal, Domestic, Collection


Law Enf Grad (honours)1986, Law/Legal Admin 1991, Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE), Certified Fraud Investigator (CFI), Currently working on the designation English, French, Japanese. Owner Corpa Investigation since 1991.

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This is always a private issue.

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Dean11/02/15101010Thank-you for your quick response.
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Recent Answers from Kevin Bousquet

2015-11-17 What ?:

Well I am guessing this is some type of family court order to produce information am I correct ?    Regardless, He can complain to the authorities but if he doesn't produce what he is asked in the terms

2015-11-16 What ?:

You haven't told me exactly what information you are seeking on this person.     Also the reason why you are requesting the information will be important to just about every government body around the

2015-11-02 Follow-up question :Finding the address history of a deceased.:

I would first of point out that a Missing Heir Finding Service in Ontario is a licensed Private Investigator profession.  You must hold an agency license to conduct this service.  Lack of a license could

2015-10-30 Finding the address history of a deceased.:

I am afraid there is no such centralized database for this information.     If the name is uncommon you can try some of the old criss cross directories that you may find at the library. There are also

2013-11-04 Fraud-escape:

He will be a very hard find in Jordan Libya..  If you think he went bankrupt in Canada or the USA you could do a bankruptcy search. The trustee might know how to get a hold of him.  If fraud was committed


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