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I would welcome the opportunity to answer questions about the business operations, duties, and ethics of the modern professional private detective/private investigator.

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Criminologist. Professor of Criminal Justice. Licensed Private Detective with expansive clientele base encompassing hundreds of cases. Donates resources and time to the Children's Rescue Network in Orlando, FL.


Associate of Science; Bachelor of Arts; Master of Science, Doctor of Jurisprudence Degree.

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People take their most important legal problems to lawyers. Lawyers rely heavily upon private detective services. So does the general public. Put the overcoat and fedora style hat in the closet. Today, professional private detectives use state of the art equipment and training to obtain the requisite knowledge, peace of mind, and justice their clients demand.

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Alex08/04/13101010Awesome, informative and detailed answer! If I .....
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2014-10-10 Stalking:

Ben,    "The phone number can be tracked, even without someone getting ahold of the phone itself to sneak in a tracking device?"    One way it can be done is through the cellphone provider.  That is rare

2014-10-09 Stalking:

Ben,    Wow, your questions have my head spinning. Let me sort it out and answer in sequence:    "Hi. I don't live in FL."  1. I don't blame you.  Florida is getting crazy as of late.    "Are phone numbers

2014-09-13 Leverage License in two states:

Tad,    From the background you have painted for me I think the best way for you to market your skill set is to offer services in the IT field.  I would sell your services offering forensic retrieval of

2014-05-02 bill rate:

"Tad,"    What you charge per hour should be commensurate with your skills, education, knowledge, etc. and is in keeping with the going rate in your area.  Remember that you are new and have to establish

2013-08-02 Surveillance, Tracking and Bugs....and a hotel room.:

Alex,    No problem.  The technology today is (obviously) very sophisticated compared to the 1980's so you have a lot of choices.  Cameras and "bugs" are very small.  For example, a fiber optic line can


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