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I can answer any questions about nudism. I can answer questions about nudity at any age, nudity and morals, and about religious views on nudity. Any other question you can think of about nudity.

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I was raised in a nudist household by nudist parents. I have been a nudist since I was born.


I have a high school diploma and am currently attending college.

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2014-08-10 Insecurity:

All right well first off you need to be comfortable being naked by yourself.  So when you are alone start being naked as much as possible.  Don't worry about your weight your wife is not expecting you

2011-05-19 erection:

First of all if you are planning to go to a nudist place you should start by being comfortable naked.  Whenever you are a lone or have time try being naked as much as possible.  After doing this for a

2010-07-01 orange county nudist place jobs:

There are a lot of places to work so you should go online google resorts or naturist clubs in your area go to there website and find the contact information that would be much easier.  Sorry I didn't give

2010-06-13 feeling free:

Well it is kind of hard to tell it is not something people talk about but some people will openly admit it.  You can google the Internet for intrest sites and local nudist clubs or something like that

2010-03-04 Nudism:

One of the main things about nudism is bot accepting the flaws you have.  Everybody has flaws nobodies body is perfect and if you go you will see what I mean.  You will see if you go that most people have


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