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Questions on Indonesian Coffee (thats my speciality). Can include specific origins (East Java, Takengon, Toraja, Kintamani-Bali etc. Also about specific beans- Lintong, Mandehling, Java arabicas..etc. Also any other questions about Indonesian Coffee- the different cupping qualities, bean hardness, roast profiles...through to any questions about Indonesian coffee scene- does coffee luwak exists? How much coffee is exported from Central Java? Who planted the first plantations in East Java? Why is coffee often called "Java"

Experience in the area

Indonesian coffee roaster and bean exporter. Been in the business here for some time.


SCAA, AASCA, SCAE, WAGRO and the Roasters Guild.


Bachelors Degree (New Zealand)

What do you like about this subject?

Indonesian coffee is literally my life. I work, eat and drink for the stuff.

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

Coffee is a truly specialty field (pardon the pun). Learning more and more every day. Indonesia, with 17,000 islands, has so many undiscovered coffee sources.

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2016-09-28 Looking for buyers:

Danny, Robusta is always a more difficult sell than Indonesian Arabica, which is in high demand. Most visitors to Bali become hooked on the coffee they get at the many smaller or Indonesian brand hotels-

2014-02-10 strong coffee:

Joel I only specialise in Indonesian coffee. However in this field Acehnese coffee is the strongest in terms of flavor and boldness in the cup. If you like very strong coffee always look to have your coffee

2013-12-29 Coffee plantations around west peninsular Malaysia:

Hello there. This is a good question and one I can really only give a vague answer for I am afraid. I am not aware of any plantations on the East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia however, coffee (Robusta in

2013-12-09 grinds?:

In the coffee business (retail) we normally dose 25gm for a 300ml caffetiere (french press) of water. Grind makes a difference in flavor depending on the extraction process and/or how long the water is

2013-09-02 Intercropping Coffee Trees and Rubber Trees:

In my experience intercropping of Rubber and Coffee is not a particularly attractive idea. This is because 1. Both rubber trees and coffee trees are huge users / depleters of soil based nitrogen. You would


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