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My expertise covers all aspects of wine including knowledge on regions, grapes, vintages, wine types and tasting. I can also answer questions on fortified wines such as port and sherry as well as some questions on Gin.

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I am a wine merchant with a number of years experience selling, tasting and buying wine.


Tom I'Anson Wines


Wine and Spirits Education Trust HNC (Level 3)

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Recent Answers from Tom I'Anson

2016-09-02 Chateau des Eyquems:

Hi Edward    Thanks for your question.    It depends on condition. You mention it hasn't been cellared. If i assume it has still been kept cool, stabler, in the dark and on its side, then  If that is the

2016-07-24 1922 sherry:

Hi Debra  Thanks for your question.     Thats an interesting bottle to have, I'm not sure I'm afraid of value, i suspect it might nt be very much beyond the interest in its age. The sherry won't have improved

2016-02-18 DO YOU DRINK:

Hello Cameron    Thanks you for your question and my apologies for the delay responding.     I don't believe that alcohol makes people violent, I don't think the more one consumes they will then become

2016-02-03 Qeen Elizabeth The 2nd Port:

Hi  Unfortunately it is quite hard to put a specific value on that port given its link to the Queen and Britannia.  However, the port in itself is perhaps a bit easier to value. 1997 was quite a quite

2015-12-14 sandeman white port:

Hi Bruce  I'm afraid it isn't of any real value. Perhaps £10-£15 but nothing more i suspect. It is merely an older bottle of Sandeman white port. If it was regular vintage port from a good vintage then


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