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Being an expert and being qualified to answer are not always one and the same- as such I can answer your questions regarding the bibles teachings on any particular manner. **I will do this relying on prior knowledge like anyone else, but also with a willingness to do research into the matter with a goal of sighting as many sources as are available in answering and showing the reasonableness of such. In all circumstances and for all questions, the Bible is its own Interpreter.** This has never proven to be false in the past and as a book that claims inspriration from the Only True God, it shall never be proven false. I fully support, acknowledge and cooperative with *The Faithful Steward/The Faithful and Discreet Slave and Its Governing Body* of Jehovah’s Witnesses. As a note to all questioneers - if your goal is to question me into doubting my faith or our organization, then perhaps the answer you receive may not be as pleasing, for I have seen time and time again, that when peoples motive is to ask a question in order to prove something is not simply wrong with the faithful and discreet slave, but that there should be None, regardless of how solid/complete/concrete and well-researched the answers are - the questioners are dissatisfied because they did not wish to be given an answer in first place- but rather to inspire doubt. Please be weary of such. and please do not waste my time. I WILL call it as I see it.

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An active Jehovahs Witness for eight (8) years (associated for much of my life) and via volunteering and spending significant time in my ministry, conducting bible studies and answering questions of my neighbors, I am continuously reinforcing myself on Peters words: “Always ready to make a defense before everyone that demands of you a reason for the hope in you, but doing do together with a mild temper and deep respect.”—1 Pet. 3:15. That coupled with a sincere desire to see others benefit from the words of the only true God, which are capable of "bringing back the soul" (Psalms 19:7) And Like our God Jehovah, who "is patient with you because he does not desire any to be destroyed but desires all to attain to repentance.” (2 PETER 3:9.) I make it my goal to fit my answers to the questions and the individual. I have a regular secular job like anyone else, and this is a service I am volunteering for, as I do with my physical door-to-door and other ministries, please consider this in the timeliness of my responses.


I have had training as a minister in the "Pioneer Service School" for Jehovahs Witnesses, but in truth, I imitate the way of the Bereans and the Apostles of Christ, who through study of the scriptures and intense examination, proving "that these things were so." (Acts 17:11) The men in Jesus day were "unlettered and ordinary." To claim to be some exceptionally trained person in this area, would be disengenuous at best, but purely hubris. I will say that I have certain qualifications as it comes to our organization as Jehovahs Witnesses. ALL dedicated and baptized, in good standing Jehovah's Witnesses are qualified bible instructors.

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Mike,    An admirable feat indeed, going from door-to-door with your wife and sharing the message about our Lord and Savior. I certainly hope you continue to keep that spirit.  You are incorrect in saying

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Well Mr. Brooks,    Do you actually believe that NO man should be trusted on this earth today, as is evidenced by your words:  "Jehovah laughs, albeit in rage that a group of men would say He “completely”


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