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broad spectrum knowledge in the field of tropical plants;

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I am a certified Master Gardner in Florida (8years)


Master Gardner Association of Charlotte County Florida


Master Gardner training....accredited each year with required seminars and educational training.

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Recent Answers from Nick McCann

2016-09-30 Mandevilla:

Hi Cheryl, cant take lower then 45 degree temps so prune it back substantially so that you can transplant it into a container large enough to contain its existing root system; bring it in and put

2016-09-02 Persimmon.:

Hi Jalyn,,sorry about the delay...I was out of town for a week and forgot to put myself on vacation mode; from what I gathered from your question it looks like they are declining from root stress,,,either

2016-05-01 Mango tree:

What you are seeing Art are suckers from the roots, which will never amount to anything; if the main trunk died the tree for all intents and purposes is done. The suckers are growing up from the root stock

2016-03-17 Ponytail palm problem:

Put a tomato stake or anything you can stake them up with and Velcro them vertically so the fronds don't crimp and cut off any ability to take in moisture to the plants inner system. I think it will make

2016-03-17 Ponytail palm problem:

It would be great to see an image, but by what you describe it sounds bad,,,the ones that are splayed, are they still attached? and if so,,,leave them be,,and hopefully new ones will emerge eventually


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