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I can answer questions regarding all aspects of installations and/or renovations pertaining to hardwood flooring, questions regarding leveling a substrate, as well as questions about moisture concerns with concrete.

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I have 17 years of hardwood flooring experience. I have installed, sanded and re-finished many hardwood floors over the years. I have worked with most wood species on many different sub-floors. I worked at a flooring company for 8 1/2 years, then owned my own hardwood flooring business for 5 1/2 years. For the last 4 years I am the technical manager of Pallmann which is a division of UFloor Systems; a manufacturer of flooring products, such as hardwood finishes and adhesives, leveling compounds, underlayments, and moisture vapor retarders for concrete.


Member of the NWFA.


NWFA magazine articles. FCI articles.


High school graduate with some college education. I have attended various installation and sanding schools pertaining to hardwood floors. Also have taught many schools for the NWFA including sub-floor preparation, and various states to help contractors earn their credits for licences.

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Recent Answers from Kelsey Quigg

2013-01-14 nosings:

Adam,  thanks for the question.    This can be a little difficult to make a clean transition between the nosing and the carpet.  You cannot really connect the carpet and hardwood together, they have to

2010-02-09 cupping of 3/4 random 3" and 4" oak:

Thank you Barb for your question.    Sounds like there is a leak coming from the balcony.  The only thing that causes wood to cup is moisture, if it is water or even moist air. If the wood that is cupping

2010-02-08 oak flooring expansion gap:

Thank you Lynn for your question.  You are correct to leave an expansion gap along that wall, installing dry wood will definitely expand in the moist months.    The best thing to use to fill that gap will

2010-02-03 laminate flooring planks:

Thank you Donna for your question.  Sorry I took a little time to respond, I had computer issues that are now fixed.  Determining the number of planks can be a little tricky, but we don't need to worry

2010-02-02 floor prep for ceramic tile in a basement:

Thank you Andrea for your question.    Typically you need to remove, as much as possible, the dark adhesive on the concrete.  Usually this means just the adhesive ridges and you can leave some of the flat


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