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Certified Installer 1966-1976, Certified Carpet Cleaning Instructor 1976-1985, Certified Commercial and Residential Floor Inspector since 1985 is available to answer questions on problems with carpet or other flooring, and carpet cleaning. I can guide you as to whether you may have a valid claim against a manufacturer/installer/dealer/cleaning company.

Experience in the area

Floor covering Installer 1966-1976 Carpet Cleaning Instructor 1976-1985 Floor Covering Inspector 1985- present


Floor Covering Inspector Training School; FCITS Floor Covering Inspection Technical Services; FITS Certified Claims Inspectors Association; CCIA


Hartford Courant


B.S. Chemistry 1971 A.S. Physical Science 1969 Armstrong Certified Installer 1972 3M Certified Carpet Cleaning Specialist 1976 FCITS Certified in Carpet and Hard Surface, Commercial and Residential

Past/Present Clients

GE, Phoenix Insurance Group, McDonalds Corp, WTNH, US NAVY, Xerox, Time Warner, Pitney Bowes, Conair, Yale New Haven Hospital, UCONN, Price Waterhouse, Pepsico.

What do you like about this subject?

There is actually a great deal of science involved, both physics and chemistry, with floor covering and its application. These variables combined with ever changing locations and uses keep the subject interesting. As an example; the most interesting inspection I ever did was for Henry Kissinger.

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

I still get great satisfaction in helping people solve their problems.

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2016-06-03 carpet over asbestoes:

If you are covering the tile with carpet then it certainly poses no long term hazards and it certainly gives you extra peace of mind. Even without covering I do not believe it is a hazard. To my knowledge

2016-06-01 carpet over asbestoes:

In answer to your first question, yes it is safe to put in carpet without pad, however if you are using tack strips (tackless), the use of pad would bring the height of the carpet to the same level as

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Asbestos was used in adhesive up until the mid 1980's or so then its usage dropped dramatically due to lawsuits.  Based on the photos and it being a black adhesive from the 1970's I would say there is

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Asbestos was used in carpet adhesive up until the mid 1980's or so then its usage dropped dramatically due to lawsuits.  So obviously the later the better in your case. Next, and this is not a hard and

2016-03-15 Is new tile enough to stop a bathroom floor from leaking?:

You would need a membrane if your subfloor is not of a waterproof type (such as plywood or OSB). A membrane is a separate barrier that would prevent water from getting into your subfloor and causing mold


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