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I can answer questions about relationships after divorce. I DO NOT ANSWER LEGAL QUESTIONS.

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I have 5 years experience working with families in crisis. I have done family counseling as well family mediation.


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2011-05-30 My partner's contact with ex wife:

Most spouses don't try to see the email and cell phone of their spouse.  Do you go out with friends when he goes places without you?  I think not getting married is a good idea.  Until your insecurity

2010-12-16 previous relationship:

There could be any number of reasons she can't move on.  Licensing boards and other places you encounter have enough experience to know her type and what she does.  So don't worry about these types of

2009-12-17 Kids mother:

Lure the children to your place with something really fun.  When they get to your place, work on the depth of your relationship with them.  Have more indepth conversations wtih them about what is on their

2009-12-17 Kids mother:

So have you talked to their mom about making arrangements so she can have a special time with them for christmas?  For instance if you are scheduled to have them christmas eve and christmas, you pick them

2009-12-16 Kids mother:

In order to help, I have to ask some questions.  How do you know your ex-wife is manipulating the children against you?  How old are the children?  What activities do you do with your daughter when she


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