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I can answer general questions regarding separation, property, and some custody questions. I cannot answer legal questions or specific questions pertaining to individual states and counties. I can offer support through the pending time, as well as offering assistance and ideas as you move on as a single individual. I can tell you how to avoid repeat pitfalls and help you learn to leave old baggage out of new relationships. I can help you work through the contemplative time of "what if" and "if only." I am able to offer advice in dealing with unnecessary guilt, undeserved judgment, and share insight as to discerning between concerned friends, family and coworkers and nosey gossips.

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I have been divorced more than once and am now married to my soulmate. We are living the exact life we both wanted to build 30 years ago, long before we ever met. Well actually it's better than I had dared hope.

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Jeff09/13/15101010Thank you So much.
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2016-04-29 Baby on the way:

Dear Jeremy,    When I first read your post, I knew I couldn't just give you a quick response.  So, here goes . . .    Many states will not grant a divorce decree while the woman is pregnant.  Even though

2015-11-10 Community Property, Mortgage, Housing?:

Dear Miss S.    Please forgive me, I hadn't become aware of your question until this evening.  I am not an attorney and I truly believe you need one for this situation.  House mortgages and home ownership

2015-09-09 Divorce in illinois:

Dear Jeff,    I am so sorry.  Laws differ from state to state, but an Illinois attorney could explain the procedure and many of them do offer free first time consultations.  Even though it should be uncontested

2015-09-03 Divorce Issues:

Dear Lorraine,    I try to give advice from a spiritual or at least unbiased perspective, but your question hit too close to home to not share what I have experienced first hand.    If you've been dating

2015-08-21 Future of Marriage in United States??...:

Dear Heather,    As a minister who failed miserably in relationships, before following Messiah, I have given this subject some serious thought.  I believe giving the government authority over what should


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