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During the past 25 years I have helped scores of non-profit organizations experience dramatic fund-raising growth by improving the manner in which they identify, cultivate and solicit individual and institutional prospects. I am willing to provide fund-raising advice to colleges, social service agencies, hospitals, and cultural organizations.

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Recent Answers from Rob Taylor

2013-05-19 College Honors Program Fundraising:

CONFIDENTIAL      Dear Wade,    I am sending you my philosophy of fundraising which was sent to a specific client many years ago.  Accordingly, I ask you not to ever refer to the Cenacle.  If you use any

2013-02-14 Class Reunion fundraising/tax issues:

Dear Lora,    I live in NY State so I don't know about Indiana's laws but I have never heard of any group, be it church, boy scouts, little league or a class reunion committee, charge a sales tax.  You

2013-01-03 dance team fundraising:

Carrie,    You do not need to apply for federal tax exemption (501 c 3) status.  Unless, people want to deduct their donations from their income tax.  As a New Yorker, I am unable to advise you about the

2012-01-11 The difference between non-profit & for profit healthcare organizations:

Hi Cindy,    I once ran a Foundation for a non-profit hospital system.  The system and the Foundation registered with the IRS which approved its non-profit status.  The non-profit is designed to make money

2010-03-16 Resource Development and Fundraising:

Dear Loreen,    Congratulations on your project.       I have started non-profit organizations and it is indeed complicated.      The highlights:    Create a Board of Directors  Obtain IRS 501c3 status


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