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Kunal Ganju

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I can answer questions about Cricket History, the Laws of Cricket, Test/ ODI records, rare or quirky occurences and other such things. I guess I can take a crack at anything that can be classified as "Cricket Trivia".

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I have been following cricket for close to 20 years and I run a Cricket Trivia website This site is the number 1 on the list when you search for Cricket Trivia on Google and is one of only 11 "site listings" on Yahoo's Cricket page. (


A link to an article on my website ( has appeared on Cricinfo in the past.

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I have participated in, won and even hosted Sports and Cricket quizzes at the school, college and corporate level.

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Bill03/16/14101010Many thanks, Kunal. You sure do know .....

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2012-06-02 Full Form:

Hello Neelabh    Thank you for your question. SS stands for Scoring Shots or Scoring Strokes - different commentators would use these terms interchangeably. It refers to the number of balls that a batsman

2011-06-08 broken bat:

Hello Gary    Thank you for your question. You would have been correct had this incident had occurred  before October 1st 2010. Effective October 1st 2010, Law 28.1 [The Wicket is Down] has been amended

2010-08-06 ducks:

Hi Steve    For many of the early matches there are no records for balls faced. The longest recorded duck (in terms of balls faced) is 77 balls by New Zealand's Geoff Allot v South Africa in Auckland in

2010-03-11 most runs and wickets in a test series:

Hi Oodas    Thank you for your question.     As is the case with many batting records, Sir Don Bradman of Australia leads the way with 974 runs in a test series. He scored these runs in the five-test match

2010-01-21 Hisstory of Type of Pitches used in Cricket:

Hi Rishabh    Thank you for your question.    Yes cricket pitches have changed quite significantly over the past few decades and centuries, resulting in many changes in the number of runs scored. In the


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