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Christopher Emory


I can answer all questions in relation to Deer, Duck, Bear,Coon, Turkey, and upland bird hunting.

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I have been an avid outdoorsman and hunter for 20+ years. I have hunted almost every species that can be found in the Eastern United States. I have tried and used alot of methods in taking game from bow and arrow on up to high power rifles.


National Rifle Association, National Wild Turkey Federation, Ducks Unlimited.


No Formal Education

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2011-11-22 Turkkey Hunting:

Hi sam,    I am ready for our spring turkey season here in North Carolina as well! As far as your blind set-up, it takes practise and a few times of a turkey flying the coop on you! I always use a locater

2011-05-15 food plots:

Caleb,    It will depend on how much land you are talking about planting. If I just had one choice, clover would be it. Generally what is best for deer in the spring/summer is not the best in the fall/winter

2011-01-27 monster buck:

Drexel,    Deer need three key elements to survive and thrive. Food,Cover, and Water. Without the cover the buck will force himself to find suitable living conditions where he can bed down and sleep.

2010-12-11 Racoon Bait:

Hello Elaine,    Anything that stinks works good for Raccoons! You can either buy fresh fish or something like chicken livers/gizzards and leave them in the trap if you are trapping. Put some honey on

2010-10-11 Removing old camo sticker from my Bow:

 Hello Tom,    Unfortunately I have always had good success with goo gone, and that would be my only recommendation. It is a pain in the rear to remove sticker residue, just pluck along on it a little


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