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I can answer questions on all forms of hunting with Big Game Hunting being my specialty. As well I have a strong passion for the North American Conservation Model and work with various conservation organizations to spread the word about what hunters are doing to protect our wildlife and introduce hunters to our traditions and way of life.

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I have been a Big Game Guide and Outfitter, I am the founder of and a full time outdoor writer.

Organizations, SEOPA, POMA, RMEF(Life Member), MDF(Life Member), SCI, Pheasants Forever, NWTF, and more.

Publications and various websites nationally


College and the School of Hard Knocks

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Field and Stream Past Hero of Conservation

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2014-11-18 Bow Shooting:

You might try finding some willow branches for use on the bow for the body and I am assuming you are using Tin Foil for the handle.  Good Quality bow Strings are important.  Is this for a Scout's project?

2014-11-17 Bow Shooting:

Every bow is different.  Each bow comes with a specific draw length but you should be able to draw the bow back so that the string touches your nose and gives you a specific anchoring point each and every

2014-11-17 Bow Shooting:

Every bow is different but if you are making your own bow, I would consider a difference of around 7 to 9 inches between the handle and the bowstring depending on the style of bow you build.  A good reference

2013-11-22 North Eastern Whitetail Hunting Help:

Kyle,    This is a really tough question to answer as I have little information besides the location that you are hunting.  From what I can see from your information you are in fact hunting a county that

2013-09-30 body scent:

Bruce,    I think you could work with any unscented soap, though I would not go with just any unscented deodorant that is sold in the drug stores.    Personally, I do believe and have seen evidence in


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