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Richard May


I am able to answer most any question regarding the ethical and humane harvesting of the southeastern species of whitetail deer,including the use of exclusion,hunting for herd management,growth and genetics related to herd management and growth.I may also be able to direct you or answer any and all questions regarding tactics,tips and hunting techniques with almost any type of hunting tool from rifle to bow to crossbow.

Experience in the area

Noted author of "Deer hunting for the clueless"and industry insider for over 20 years.Avid hunter and guide for thirty some odd years,and have harvested and tagged out in my state or residence along with several other states for most of that time.




all on-line media outlets,such as amazon,barnes and noble,sony,and all other on-line e-book and media outlets.


B.S.agricultural science with a specific discipline in animal husbandry,entomology and wildlife biology.

Awards and Honors

do not wish to list

Past/Present Clients

Am under strict non-disclosure agreements for two of my clients but have guided somewhere in the neighborhood of twenty high profile and numerous others that were friends and or family and or contracted.

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