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Nearly 30 years` experience hunting upland game, big game, and waterfowl in the Upper Midwest and many college level classes in biology. I can answer questions about hunting with rifles and shotguns, and how to hunt mule/whitetail deer, antelope, pheasants, quail, ducks, squirrels, and rabbits. I can also answer questions about outdoor clothing for cold climates. As a licensed therapist, I have helped handicapped outdoorsmen.

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Nicolas11/02/15101010Thank you for your response. I'll try .....
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2015-11-02 Big Game hunting Versatile Caliber:

The exotic calibers such as 270 wsm are the ones I'd rule out first.  Not for performance reasons, but rather practical ones.  If you are ever way out in the middle of nowhere and find you've forgot your

2014-01-14 Getting into Hunting/Shooting Again:

You have a couple of issues going on.  First, airguns have reverse "recoil" in that the recoil goes forward instead of backwards.  You need a special airgun scope designed for that.  Second, you might

2013-11-18 shoulder hit:

Hard to say as it depends on exactly where it.  There's a possibility the arrow hit the spine without breaking it, but the shock of the blow caused momentary paralysis.  The fact no blood was found at

2013-04-01 Rabbit tail:

If you could take something like an Exacto knife and carefully make a slit in the skin to remove the bone that would be great.  Otherwise, I don't think there is enough "meat" in just the tail to be a

2012-12-17 disabled son hunting:

The .30/30 is fairly light recoiling, as is a .243.  Another thought is a .223 with a heavy bullet.  I would see if a gunsmith could custom fit a stock to him.  You might also rig up a rifle rest on the


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