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I can answer questions about whitetail deer hunting using modern and black powder firearms. I can address questions on still hunting and stalking. I am also knowledgeable on the hunting of ducks over decoys in the central flyway, and goose hunting over rag decoy sets on the Gulf Coast of Texas. I can answer quesitons regarding dog preparation for both these hunting areas

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Over 26 years of waterfowl and deer hunting in Virginia, Texas and Oklahoma. Over 34 years of range and target shooting of small and big bore long guns and shotguns.


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John01/03/12101010 Thank You Keith!!!
jeanette03/29/11101010thank you so much for your time .....

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2016-08-09 personel hunting spacw:

I guess aside from going out and beating him to the blind on opening day, there isn't much you can do.    I understand the frustration. I had a quarter section goose lease for five years and one year the

2016-07-12 personel hunting spacw:

Joe:    I want to clarify something first.  You say partners in 77 acres. Are you a partner, or were they just letting you hunt on their land?    Was there any kind of agreement or just an understanding?

2016-02-05 Hunting Rifles:

Wow!  That is a tall order.  I do not think you can. The best you can do for what I assume you want is to look at a ballistic property list of the most popular hunting calibers.    I found this one: swfsa

2012-11-30 Facts of hunting to convince my mom:

Okay.    I gave a talk on this in high school back in 1970.    One thing you can tell them is that hunting is in our genes, we evolved with hunting and for some of us that desire to hunt is stronger in

2012-06-07 Analytical Report on hunting guns:

Anastasia:    I am a bit confused by some of your terms, it could be due to cultural differences in hunting practices.    First, hunting geese with a rifle is illegal in the US and has been for some time


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