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I was a taxidermist for 18 years, taught classes for 5 years, I'm been a elk hunter for 20 years and have some great experiences with elk, and muledeer alike.

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I have had very good success in my elk hunting and mule deer hunting over the past twenty years out west, I have been a successful taxidermist for 18, if I can help in this field, I'm more than willing


n/a ex- wild turkey foundation---chapter went belly up




college graduate, and many plaques through taxidermy awards

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many in taxidermy

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Troy01/06/12101010Thanks for the quick response.
chris12/12/11101010thanks for researching this for me, much .....
Kaylee01/09/10101010 THANK YOU!
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2014-05-15 Tanning for beginners: This will help you get it tanned, but remember it is the old way and not the best or even better way. If it were me I would salt it down let it dry ship home

2011-12-09 taxidermy:

I don't know what you mean by its real , not leather. If you tan a hide for a hippo the hide turns to leather. Be more specific, but if it is already dried out and cracking, there is nothing you can do

2011-12-07 how old is my gun:

I have no idea, here is all I found, even called Stevens and this is what they sent me, Sorry...  J. Stevens and Company was formed in 1864 and used that name until 1886 when the name was changed to J

2011-11-03 Taxidermy:

It differs between different taxidermy, for no one charges the same. I am guessing if you could find a guy that is just getting into it would be the best bet. Cost would be very little. I on the other

2011-06-27 hunting:

Are you loading it right?>   Load one shell and then send it to the chamber. PUT SAFTY ON  then load the rest of the shells. This should stop the problem. If that don't work mabe take it to a gun smith


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