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I'm willing and able to answer most questions regarding northern pike and bass. I can advise on specific rods, reels, lures and fishing line for specific fishing techniques. Also, I know alot about fishing in smaller waters and can give expert answers on optimal fishing weather conditions.

Experience in the area

I have over 20 years of experience fishing for northern pike and bass. I don't have any published articles but have several trophy fish mounted on my wall. Also, I'm very methodical in my fishing and spend countless hours researching new and innovative techniques. I have an extensive fish research library.


BASS Membership


I have taken some classes at Lansing Community College, Michigan.

Awards and Honors

Several trophy bass and pike mounts

Past/Present Clients

I'm currently not working as a fishing guide, but plan to in the future.

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David03/29/16101010Fantastic response! Thanks again!
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