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Rich Mac McGaughey

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returns 07/02/2017

I can answer questions on graphite fly rod building and bamboo rod restoration and making. I can guide people to restorers . I can guide people to rod building components on the internet as well as catalog. I can help them identify and value their bamboo fly rods with a picture .

If you are asking for the id of an old rod

please give a complete description send pictures especially labels or logos with detailed thorough description** to me and a complete including as much the following as you can: Is it? fly or casting rod ? Reel seat is below or above the cork handle ? Check metal for id and patents ? What is it made of; bamboo ( flat sided) fiberglass or graphite ( round)? Weight in oz? What is the diameter of the rod above the cork? Where was it purchased ? What type of metal nickel-silver, tin, or chrome platted brass? A complete description of any logos or labels. Length of rod per section and number of sections. Total rod length.

Please read the following if the rod has either of the following two labels

Montague or H-I (Horrocks-Ibbotson).

They are looked down upon by the collecting community and often they are justified. They were mass produced , rather heavy and very slow. They are not going to resale for very much.

Two books are available at larger libraries to get history and or value:
Antique & Collectable Fishing Rods: Identification & Value Guide Homel, Dan. 1997
Bamboo Rod Restoration Handbook -Michael Sinclair

Commission Sales

Because of my knowledge I can help you sell and get a good price for your vintage bamboo fly rod. email email Mac

Experience in the area

I have been restoring bamboo fly rods for 15 years and making graphite for 17 .


website = click home page


**example of a thorough description of a label: The Shakespeare decal is olive green ovals with gold foil banner bearing the word "Shakespeare" in script. The remainder of the of the lettering is block style reading on top Honor Built and on the bottom of oval , Made in USA. The writing is away from the grip.

What do you like about this subject?

I love bamboo fly rods. I rebuild them for a living. I have several books on makers and history of bamboo fly rods.

Something interesting about this subject that others may not know:

A vintage rod may not have collectors value but may be a great fishing too.

Something controversial or provocative about this subject

Most fly fishers either love or hate bamboo fly rods. I believe taking a fish with bamboo is a completely different experience that graphite. It is the same difference as fishing with worms.

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Recent Answers from Rich Mac McGaughey

2017-02-25 More info on South Bend split bamboo fly rod:

Frad,  The model #47 appeared in the latter 1930s and continued into the 1950s.  If it  has the "Comficient" cork grip, thumb rest, it is from the 1940s-1950s.  It is a nine foot rod.  HCH or C is line

2017-01-30 kingfisher fly rod:

Phil,  Kingfisher rods were sold exclusively  by EDWARD K. TRYON CO.    They were made by two makers,  low ball by Montague and a little better model by Heddon, in the 30s. After WW II  they were only

2016-10-08 IM-7 graphite pole repair:

Jamie  go to the hobby store - look for a  dowel = wooden cylinder or similar material- get it larger than the inside diameter and trim it down  I always used old fishing rods= graphite on the exterior

2016-05-06 Refinish an A1308-T:

Roy,  It's a rod not a pole.  Shakespeare might sell you a label but I doubt if you are going to find one. I would not want one.  2- Any oil based - not water - finish remover will work - OL' Dads and

2016-04-21 Divine & South bend bamboo rods:

Jon,  FYI - no one tells me their rod is in anything but great or mint condition. When I have investigated I find very few re correct.    The South Bend:  The model #47 appeared in the latter 1930s and


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