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I can answer questions on custom rod building and rod restoration and rod repair for bamboo, graphite and fiberglass fishing rods. I also have experience in estimating the value of vintage rods and determining the original manufacturer.

Experience in the area

I operate a custom rod building business providing fly rods, spey rods, casting and spinning rods in bamboo graphite and fiberglass. I also operate a custom rod building school where myself and other professional rod builders teach individuals to build custom rods. I have a personal interest in vintage rods and have a small collection of reference books and articles which often help shed light on the origins of the older rods.


Rod Builders International, Rod Builders Institute


Web Site:,,


BS, Business Administration, University of Tulsa

Past/Present Clients

I have a large number of individual clients for whom I have designed and built custom fishing rods of all types. I also have two commercial clients for whom I build private label rods, one in the USA and one in Europe.

What do you like about this subject?

There is always something new to learn.

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

I have established a formal training facility to provide rod building classes for beginners and continuing education in the craft for experienced builders. There are a number of other professional rod builders who will be participating as instructors and mentors in the Rod Builders Institute. Contact me directly for additional information and class schedules.

Something interesting about this subject that others may not know:

Every rod is different just as every angler is different. The key to success in this field is learning enough about rod design and the individual angler to be able to create the optimal matchup between angler and rod.

Something controversial or provocative about this subject

Ask 100 rod builders how to do something related to rod building and you will get 103 different answers.

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2012-11-06 fishing rod:

Hi Kevin,    Sounds interesting.  Can you send me some photos of the rod?  Send them to and I'll review them for you and see what I can find out about the rod.    Is it a wooden

2012-11-05 Granger fly rod:

Hi Gene,    Value of the rod will depend on actual condition of the rod, bag and tube.  As you inspect the rod try to be objective and choose a category for condition of each component and overall package

2012-10-31 Bass (?) Casting Rod:

Hi Jamie,    According to the A.J. Cambell book, Classic and Antique Fly Fishing Tackle: Herbert J. Frost was the principal salesman for the U.S. Net & Twine company in 1896 when he started his own company

2012-10-30 South Bend Reels:

Hi Bill,    Sorry, but my knowledge of vintage reels is very limited.  I am not familiar with these and I do not have any reference material on either type.    You might do some searching for online discussion

2012-10-29 Wright Mcgill Trailmaster 6 1/2 ft:

Hi Jim,    Many different rods prior to WW II were sold in aluminum tubes...also in cardboard tubes and prefit round holders.  Many rods built today are still sold in aluminum tubes.  There have been plastic


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